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Goosebumps, Moosebumps and Enterprising Hearts

laurie goodman photography's life messages book of inspirational canadian women
“If you can only be one thing…Be Kind” ~ Robin Read Griffin. (page 122) laurie goodman photography’s life messages book of inspirational canadian women

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie Goodman, who has become a dear friend of mine.  We originally met online through the most supportive Facebook group, that I have ever been a part of, called MAFE (Milton Area Female Entrepreneurs) which was created by local real estate rock star Sandy Hatzis.

Laurie put a call out to the MAFE Group that she was working on a movement called Life Messages™.  As Laurie explains,  “We all have stories. We all have a voice. Life messages photo sessions give people an opportunity to express, empower and inspire through words and art.”

In 2014, it was my great honour to be photographed by Laurie, as seen in the picture above, and share my life message – “If you can only be one thing…Be Kind.”  Laurie collected so many powerful messages; which she in turn had put into a book  and launched “laurie goodman photography’s life messages™ book of inspirational canadian women“.

Cover: Painting by Laura Newton photographed by Laurie Goodman

Fast forward to today, Laurie is about to launch her third book; which is full of goosebumps, moosebumps and inspirational stories from enterprising hearts!

“Laurie Goodman Photography’s 3rd Life Messages Book is a legacy of leadership piece aimed at giving a voice to the stories and lessons of leaders in business who make a positive difference in community or internationally in order to inspire others to ‘be more’ and to ‘do more’ to make an impact on the world. ” – Laurie Goodman Photography

Please join me on Thursday May 5, 2016 from 7:00PM – 10:00PM at the Gambrel Barn at Country Heritage Park in Milton, ON for the much awaited launch of life messages™ book of enterprising hearts.   This will be a family friendly event where you will you will hear from the messengers themselves from including, Lori-Ann McLeod, Kim Turley-Smith, Rania Walker, Kelly Lovell, Natalie Haynes, Sean James, Anthony Rocco Cavaleri, Jennifer & Derek Woodgate and special guests from Trillium Demonstration School! Singer/songwriters Angie Nussey and Gavin McLeod will also be providing live entertainment!

Tickets can be purchased for ONLY $10 each (plus convenience fee) through snapd tickets. Click here to order your tickets now.  Children/youth aged 0-17 are welcome to join for FREE!Collagebooklaunch2

Books are available NOW and can be ordered online here!


Taking the Leap!

Blogger girl

I have been immersed in social media for several years; but have never called myself a Blogger.  My line has always been “I’m a Tweeter, not a Blogger!”

I have been to few conferences, such as Blissdom Canada, that have really opened my eyes to the world of blogging and the opportunities to work with some pretty amazing brands; but I couldn’t really see how that would work with my existing personal brand, so I would leave the conference happy to have learned lots and made some great connections and then it was back to the world of social media.

Recently I stumbled upon a Facebook post by Julie Nowell of 3Chicken Consulting, who said that she was accepting applications into a 6 week Blogger Mentoring Challenge.  One of my goals for 2016 is to be more visible, so I thought that this was a perfect opportunity for me to get the blog up and running on my website Robin Read Griffin – which I am embarrassed to admit that I haven’t updated since 2014.  I signed up for the mentorship and got accepted into the challenge!  Woot woot!

As I was reading through the first homework challenge, and reflecting on an amazing afternoon that I just had with some amazing ladies at Swagger Sessions, I decided that it was time to take massive action towards my goals and ladybossmom.com was born!

Now I can officially say that I am a Blogger!  I would like to invite you to subscribe to my blog and join me on my journey, where I will share with you stories of inspiration, entrepreneurship, motherhood, self-care and a celebration of all of the Ladyboss Mom’s out there!