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Chocolate Month is a Beautiful Thing and It’s Here!

You know what’s sexy? Chocolate.  Chocolate is sexy!  The month of May is Chocolate Month in the City of Burlington.  Tourism Burlington has done a remarkable job working with local Chocolatiers, artisan food producers and spas in creating the Burlington Chocolate Trail!

I had the opportunity to go out with a select few of my blogger friends and hit the BCT.   We all met up at the City of Burlington Tourism Office where we met up with Peter, our delightful driver for the day from Burlington Taxi.

20160412_102459Our first stop was Je Spa at 612 Brant Street in Burlington where I was fortunate enough to have some chocolate indulgence without the calories!  I was treated to a facial with the Eminence Chocolate Hydration Masque. The anti-oxidant rich cocoa is great for your skin and helps fight signs of aging. Who knew that chocolate is actually be good for your skin?!!  This particular line from Eminence is also Vegan & Gluten-Free.  If you are looking for a bit of pampering I highly recommend booking an appointment at Je Spa. You can even get your feet summer ready with a coco pedicure! They are offering a milk chocolate with every service during the month of May and a discount on chocolate services. Now how sweet is that?!!

After we left Je Spa we had a quick stop for lunch to go from Tamp Coffee Co.  This is not an official stop on the BCT; but it is so worth it!  I ended up having a grilled cheese sandwich and a cappuccino.  OMG it was the BEST grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had!   I mean my tastebuds had multiple orgasms that’s how good it was.  Seriously good eats my friends.  I also love that they support local artists and have a mini art display on their walls.  It’s just a cool place, so go check it out.


After our quick lunch stop we hopped back into our Burlington Taxi and headed to Molly Cake, at 361 Brant Street. There we had some fun filling macarons and learning how to make chocolate fudge buttercream.  You need to stop in their and try a macaron or a sweet & salty brownie.  While you are there, check out the amazing work they have done with their custom cakes!  Everything they bake is from scratch and real.  That means they use real butter, real cream, couverture chocolate, and they don’t use additives, preservatives or fillers in their baking.   Good old fashioned baking that will make your day a little sweeter!  Stop in and say hello to Christine and let her know that you are on the Burlington Chocolate Trail and she will give you “The Cookie” for FREE!


Next stop we hit was Walker’s Chocolates at 3350 Fairview Street. Where we got to meet David & Jennifer Walker.  The second generation of Walker’s Chocolates.  This is the place where I learned to love escargot!  Escargot? What?!!  Yes, you read it correctly.  I had escargot at Walker’s Chocolates and it was ah-mazing!!! Ok, so it’s not the typical escargot.  This one is made of delicious, creamy caramel and marshmallow filling.  Sooo good!  Everything in this store is of exceptional hand made quality.  You need to make sure you stop here to see all of the decadent and unique finds here.  They have truffles, mouth-watering melt-aways, home-made cookies, and chocolate in just about any shape you could imagine!  Walker’s is offering a  sample of  their famous Mint Melt-away to trail participants.  Spend $10 or more and receive a free gourmet cookie. (One discount per person).

At this point in the day I seriously thought my stomach was going to explode!  I had definitely over-indulged on sweets; but we weren’t done yet.  We had two more stops to make!  Next up was Mrs. B’s Gifthouse, which is just a few doors down from Walker’s Chocolates at 3350 Fairview Street, where we got to meet the actual Mr.& Mrs. B!  We got there just in time to see Mr. B whip up a batch of his famous biscotti, that we also got to sample.  He has been making this biscotti for over 20 years right in the store.  Drop in for a free sample and get 10% off anything in the store.  They also ship all across the country if you see something that you want to share with someone that can’t make it to the store themselves!

20160412_144444Last but not least we stopped into Christy’s Gourmet Gifts at 3530 Mainway Drive.  This is where we had the pleasure of meeting Bernhard, the Chocolatier.  He gave us a very educational and enlightening lesson on the art of making chocolate and chocolate tempering.

YOU can have an opportunity to learn from him too! From May 19th-21st, for only $45/pp, learn from this Master Chocolatier , sample chocolate from around the world,  and create and take home your own chocolate creation.  Spaces are limited so call 905-336-9080 and reserve your spot today!   If you are not able to do the workshop, it is still worth your while to make a stop there on the BCT to get a sample Christy’s Crunch (chocolate toffee butter biscuits), Origin Chocolate and Cacao Nibs.

We didn’t get a chance to stop into LA Candy Bar or Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory; but they are also on the trail so I encourage you to go check them out.  Leave a comment or tweet to me @ladybossmom and let me know about your experience on the Burlington Chocolate Trail!