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Mini Me and Me
Mini Me and Me

Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Robin.  I am a self-employed Social Media Marketer and a mother of an amazing girl affectionately referred to as Mini Me in my online world.

This blog was born out of the desire to share my journey as a self-employed single mom. I did not become a single parent or self-employed by choice; however I have come to terms with it and have decided to embrace it and make this the best possible journey for me and my daughter.  I look to women that are successful lady bosses, like Arlene Dickinson who has a very similar story to mine, and know that I can make it too!

I love to travel, drink good wine, eat good food, sleep in luxury, do fun things, hang out with Mini Me, friends and family. And of course nothing gets done before coffee!

I  want to inspire others by sharing stories that will inspire you, challenge you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself in your life and in your business.

Please connect with me on Twitter @ladybossmom & @socialrobin.

Running a Business while Raising a Teenager